Breaking the fashion vicious circle & going green

#Rewiringfashion movement* 


At Gingham Palace we want to contribute to your happiness, not only by creating unique garments in natural/recycled materials and in a creative and harmonic atmosphere, but by doing it so responsibly. We have seized the wake of a new fashion movement which has been brewing for a while: to stop the crazy fashion vicious circle.

Let us explain.

Why should we be selling bikinis in January and marking them down in June, just before most of us go on holiday? Same with presenting the new season coats in August, does this make any sense?

Why should we produce hundreds of thousands of units, even if we don’t know they are going to sell, and therefore burning all the margins when having to discount these garments, or even worse, literally burning these items if unsold after a couple of years?

Why do brands have to produce 2, 3, 4 new collections each year, burning (again) the creativity powers of the design teams worldwide, spending tons of money and resources in this process, and seeing these collections become old and unwanted after just a few months? Think about all that comes to play for each new collection: finding the inspiration and designing it, sourcing the materials, producing it, selling it, etc etc. all of this for just 6 months of life? Are we insane?

Our model is based on pre-order, and therefore we will produce what we know we will sell. We also won’t be selling our garments everywhere and by having control of our pieces, we have control over their prices (you won’t find GP’s garments cheaper anywhere else than here). All this ensures that no resources are wasted, fair salaries are paid to the suppliers and manufacturers, the creative teams don’t get burned and most importantly, we contribute to a better, more responsible, way of consumption!  When you pre-order a garment at Gingham Palace, you might have to wait just a bit for this item to arrive to you, but don’t they say all good things are worth waiting for?

Join us in our conscious shopping model! See our effortlessly cool, comfy, fun and sustainable collection here

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For more information on our pre-oder model please see our FAQ section

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