Our Eco badge & 1 Tree Planted

Our packaging is not only recycled and recyclable (even compostable! Although we actually encourage re-usage), but comes with the “OneTreePlanted” logo. This means that we have contributed with our packaging to the purchase of a tree, all done by the fantastic NGO “OneTreePlanted”, with reforestation projects across 6 continents.

That is just one of the ways we want to give back to nature for this beautiful world we’re living and for the fresh air we’re breathing.

Read more about ‘OneTreePlanted’ here: https://onetreeplanted.org/

And if you want to read more about how the basics of climate change and global warming and why plants are so important, this essay by Rachel Brown is certainly a great starting point. 



One Tree Planted LOGO

This badge is proof that we support the reforestation projects of the Non Profit Organisation 'One Tree Planted'