About Gingham Palace

Château de chambord , Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France.
A real palace: Château de Chambord , Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France 

Here at Gingham Palace we are on a mission to provide the contemporary woman beautiful garments, designed in Europe & sustainably handcrafted in Spain. And don't forget, lots of Gingham! 

We're on a mission to make these women feel beautiful, stylish & comfortable in the city, the countryside or the beach. Behind a computer screen, in a date with that hot guy or playing in the park with your bunch.

We want to become the reference of a truly European brand, with a Mediterranean soul. And we want to have an impact in these women's lives by enabling them to feel beautiful, stylish & comfortable whilst supporting a sustainable brand too. Check our Sustainability pledge and Conscious shopping manifesto.

We also want to offer this woman other precious & cool accessories sourced from all over the world, to complement her outfit (and her home) so she looks effortlessly divine. 

Here at Gingham Palace we breathe the values of family, craftsmanship, creativity & sustainability.

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Who is behind Gingham Palace?

That's Maria, born & raised in Madrid & now living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with her family, where she runs Gingham Palace.
Maria designs, manages the web, does the social media & all the other big, small, fun & boring bits, here at Gingham Palace, as this is a truly small, independent brand!
Having worked in fashion since little (helping her mum Lola in her boutique on Saturdays), Maria went to uni & studied Business Management whilst continuing helping in the boutique during her studies. 
After Uni and a semester abroad in Milan (fact: it’s her 2nd favourite city!) and her 1st jobs in consulting & banking in Madrid & London (which are her 1st & 3rd favourite cities!) respectively, she went on to working back in fashion for 2 international luxury brands, where she learnt the thick of the trade & also, all the things that were not right about the fashion industry.
After moving to Frankfurt in 2019 & being inspired by a floaty gingham dress catching so much attention every time she wore it, she decided to give a go this sustainable project alive in this web! 
(Mind you this dress came from a giant fast fashion brand & contained 0% natural fibers in its composition).
She was just in awe of this humble yet classic print, and made it her mission to create timeless pieces in natural fabrics in a "slow" and sustainable way. 
Red gingham dress
Maria with "the Zara dress" and her son
Currently, she works from home & speaks weekly with her workshop manager & rest of her suppliers - who are in Madrid or Spain mainly - to bring you your fashion & lifestyle gingham fix!
She's also on a mission promoting conscious consumption via the brand, or with anyone that wants to listen, really, as this is a topic that she feels very passionate about. As consumers, we can always do something, big or small! 
Listen to Maria talking about sustainability on Instagram or check out our “Listen Us” page!