Conscious shopping manifesto

At Gingham Palace we take sustainability very seriously and it is part of our DNA.

Not only in the fabrics we use for our garments: natural, recycled or stock leftovers. 

Cotton fields

But how we produce them: using a pre-order model in order to avoid mass production and waste. And by sourcing our raw materials and producing locally, to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint during the production process.

woman sawing a shirt

How we ship them to you: we only offer standard shipping. And by making a donation to the charity ‘OneTreePlanted’ for every packaging order that we place.

Tree forest

By choosing who do we work with: we want to empower the people we work with by choosing to work with small local teams of highly qualified workers of the garment manufacturing sector (fabric suppliers, patron makers, cutters and seamstresses, hat makers, artisans etc. ) with whom we have a close relationship and to which honest wages are paid.

Woman cutting fabric in a workshop

Lastly, we believe in creativity: the world would be an extremely boring place if we wouldn’t have creators, artisans and artists. That is why we want to preserve fashion and garment making as an art, ensuring creativity, handcraft is kept alive. 

ceramic artisan
Yours truly, the team at Gingham Palace 
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