Greek woollen slippers

As part of our quest to search and source the coolest accessories, our first collab is with Minas, a family (and female) owned business who have been producing the famous Greek woollen slippers in their factory in Nafplio Argolida (Peloponnesus), since 1987.

Dimitra Mina
For this, we have worked together with Dimitra, the 3rd generation captaining the boat, to bring to you 3 different and exclusive designs, to match your Gingham Palace lounging outfits.
Penelope woollen slippers
Penelope in black, bubblegum pink and lemon&lime green

Mina’s story starts in 1987 when Dimitra’s grandmother, Maria, started a little tourist shop in the seaport town of Nafplio, where she would sell handmade woollen slippers that looked like the Greek traditional “tsarouhia”, the shoe from the traditional costume worn by the Hellenic Presidential Guard the Evzones.

The  “tsarouhia”
Hellenic presidential guard
An old print of  the Hellenic Presidential Guard, the Evzones


Tourists loved them instantly, every pair that they were making was sold. So her son, Minas George (and Dimitra’s dad) took the decision to quit from his work as a policeman and started his own family business getting everyone involved. They really started from scratch, so step by step and in his little car, George drove to all corners of the country to showcase their product to all the different shops. Now Dimitra and her husband run the company since George’s passing in 2016, in a bigger factory with 20 employees and modern machines where they produces 600 pairs of slippers per day!!

The slippers are made out of 100% sheep wool with internal acrylic, ecological fur and a leather sole (which is anti-slip) and feature the genuine zig-zag embroidery and a colourful fluffy pom-pom. 

The high quality of these slippers and the cozy fur lining provides warmth on cold winter days.  

Hope you ADORE these cosy slippers as much as we do! You can check them out here!