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"At Gingham Palace we're obsessed with the classic yet humble gingham print - or Vichy, like we say in Spain!  

This fabric is the cornerstone of all our designs & the main inspiration for all our collections"

Maria Rodero

Gingham Palace is a slow fashion brand founded in 2021 in Frankfurt, the heart of Europe, by Maria Rodero.

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, Maria understood the main problems the fashion industry faced: overprodction, mass consumption & ephimeral trends.

For this, she was inspired by the classic yet humble vichy - or gingham - print, of which she was a fan & had used since herh childhood.

Born & raised in Madrid, she knew production had to be done here locally, & so she works with small, woman ran workshops or ateliers - which manufacture the brand's small capsule collections.

DISCOVER SUSTAINABLE ELEGANCE - Designed to bring you joy, at the same time as good vibes, knowing you’re buying an original & sustainably made piece!

As an independent fashion brand, at Gingham Palace we place all our efforts into being more sustainable, in the way we design & produce our collections, the materials we choose (100% natural and/or deadstock), the way we package & ship to you & the way we market our products: i.e. we never run big productions & therefore we don't do seasonal sales.

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